The Organized Assistant, LLC, provides freelance administrative, marketing, bookkeeping, and website design and development services to Central Indiana business owners remotely and/or in your office for project based or on-going work.

Business owners and entrepreneurs have always known that if they have an administrative professional handle their ‘back office’ tasks, they are then allowed to spend their time and energy on the core aspects of their business…doing the things that they love to do and should be focusing on.

The Organized Assistant, LLC
, is a dedicated, dependable, skilled administrative, marketing, bookkeeping, and website design and development services company led by a professional who genuinely wants to help her clients achieve their professional goals and objectives.







The Benefits to You

Business owners and entrepreneurs will find that working with The Organized Assistant:

– Allows them more time to grow their business, do the work that they enjoy most, focus on new opportunities, spend more time with friends and family, and have a more balanced life.

– Allows them to work from their home office without needing additional office space for an employee.

– Saves money by not having to invest in additional equipment, pay employee benefits, payroll taxes, and insurance.

– Eliminates the need to deal with the management of an employee and having to adhere to Federal and State mandates, like OSHA, Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

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